Inground Pools

Vinyl Pool Liners

Choosing a liner for your pool can be a difficult decision. B&M Pools carries a wide variety of Lathan Liners especially their SuperMaxline. We’ve made it easy for you pick a pattern too from a variety of designer patterns to suit you!

All Latham vinyl liners, sold at B&M Pools, are made from the finest vinyl available, specifically treated with a special fungicide to inhibit bacteria growth. Virtually maintenance-free, they are easy to clean and smooth to the touch.

B&M Pools are experts in pool construction, redesign, and maintenance. Whether you are adding a new pool area to your property, changing the look and design, or wanting a qualified company to maintain your pool, B&M Pools can help you.

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Fiberglass Pools

Considering Fiberglass?

B&M Pools is an authorized Leisure Pools Dealer. Why choose Fiberglass? Fiberglass possesses attributes that make it comparatively easy to maintain. Even the most neglected fiberglass bath enclosure is capable of being restored to near factory finish with a mild cleaning solution and 20 minutes of moderately aggressive scrubbing. In fact, a Fiberglass Swimming Pool is easy to clean, impervious to algae and bacteria, maintains its manufactured finish indefinitely with minimal care, and, if subjected to structural damage, can generally be repaired flawlessly.

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